Energy Efficiency

Based in Leamington Spa Warwickshire

A wood burning stove fitted inconjuction with underfloor heating a conventional boiler  and radiators and a  thermal store unit

​Breakdowns and Repairs


A bit more information about your Plumber

We benefited from a traditional 5 year apprenticeship in plumbing heating and gas which was very broad in scope and encompassed a wide variety of traditional skills which nowadays are either lost or split between other trades. 

A typical flue gas report this should be issued to all appliances when serviced/inspected

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We are a small but efficient company est 1994 with 41 years experience and City & Guilds trained.

Annual  Servicing of your Gas Appliances is so important to keep them working safely and efficiently . With this in mind we now have to perform gas analysis on all gas appliances we service  to ensure they are working correctly and safely and provide a print out of these readings

We can all get a little bit tired of being told to be more energy efficient but it can save you money and also keep you safe.

Lead roof work and flashings are typical jobs for a Plumber

Plumber  from the Latin "plumbum"  for lead therefore someone who works with lead is called a Plumber.The days of Lead water and gas pipes are nearly gone .Nowadays we plumbers use all kinds of materials but lead is still used to keep water out of a property